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How to crack your first interview with ease?

How to crack your first interview? A lot of people are searching for this type of keywords before going for an interview. Are you a fresher struggling to get through your first interview or mid-level professional who wants to switch from one company to another for the pay hike.
An interview is a stressful process and gives goosebumps to anyone. 
You don’t know what someone will ask you sitting on another side of the table. 
However, if we can do some basic homework it will help you at the time of the interview. 

Research about the company before cracking interview with ease.

Before going for the interview or attending a call from the hiring manager, do a thorough google search about the company. You should be aware of the domain in which the company specializes and any recent award won by the company.  
Do mention about the recent awards (if any) won by the company as it impresses the hiring manager a lot. 


Reach early at the venue on interview date

Being on time is something you should practice every day as it will help you not only in cracking interview however, also in your corporate life. 
Try to reach at least 10 minutes before the scheduled time and greet the front desk with a smile.  
Positive energy your spread will help you to gain confidence and gel with your future colleagues. Also, it helps you to settle down and relax.



Be neatly dressed- Prefer Formals. 

It is always recommended to wear a formal dress for EVERY interview. Not costly business suits, however, normal blazer would work with a plain tie. 
Use a mild deodorant or perfume. 
If you are a boy, kindly make sure you shave properly and if you are a beautiful lady, try to tie your hair. 
Girls can also wear sarees or salwar kameez. 
Always remember that your first impression is the last impression for the interviewer. 

Interview preparation training

Maintain composed body posture during the conversation during interview

Your body posture can tell whether you are confident or not. It is important to maintain the right body posture. Try to sit straight on the chair and keep a smile on your face. No interviewer wants boring candidates. Do not play with a pen or keep shaking your legs. Most of us do this under pressure. 
And remember to throw your chewing gum before entering the interview room. LOL. 

Prepare for interview

Keep your answers short and crisp during

 Don’t exaggerate on the topic and listen carefully to the interviewer.  If you are not clear about the question, do not hesitate to ask him again rather than giving the wrong answers. 


The art of saying NO, if you don’t know the answer

We are humans and not google. If you don’t know the answer, tell the interviewer that you are not aware of it, however, you definitely know the way to know it or the desired skill set to get the work done. 

Do ask questions from the interviewer at the end. 

Most of the interviewer asks you at the end if you want to know anything about the company or from him. Do ask him your queries and if you want to know specific job roles. It is really appreciated by the interviewer as they think that you are concerned about your career. 

End interview with a positive note. 

Don’t forget to thank the interviewer for his time even though your interview did not go well. 
Softly ask them for the feedback and when soon you can hear back from them.  
I hope these tips will help you in cracking your next interview. 

Wish you good luck with the next job. 



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