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How to crack an interview for Call Centre Job

You are starting your career and looking for tips to crack an interview for call centre job. Are you looking for tips and tricks that you might encounter in your interview? Or did you interview before, and did not clear it?

Then surely this blog will help you tremendously to crack an interview for Call Centre Job. Below I list all the possible questions that you should have in mind in order to be successful in your interview. Your answers to the questions below should be in your own words, of course, but I can give you some indications as to how you should answer. Nobody can give you secret sauce for cracking the interview, but you can create your own best answers because you know yourself better than anyone else.

Interviews for BPO jobs are to my perception are not easy nowadays. With cut-throat competition; every company wants to hire the best of the talent available in the market. Having said that, they don’t just blindly test your language skills, they judge your energy level and with how much confidence you speak. Along with your IQ level, nowadays they check your EQ as well to handle office pressure. 

Don’t get me wrong: to clear a call center or BPO interview you don’t have to lie! You don’t have to lie about your education or provide fake certificates, not a bit, never (that might land you in jail). Nevertheless, some of the questions that the interviewer might ask will be such that you’ll have to be fluent enough in order to stand out from the crowd, which is very necessary considering the sheer number of applicants that appear for the interview.

Some possible questions that they might ask to check your fluency in English during an interview for a call center job.

  1. Tell me what you ate  in lunch
  2. What did you do last  Sunday?
  3. Describe how you commuted to the interview. (Of course, he/she is asking about the route which you had taken, bus or any other mode of transport.)
  4. What’s your daily routine in college/office?
  5. What’s your plan for the coming weekend?
  6. Do you like traveling? Explain if you like or don’t like it.
  7. What is your father’s daily schedule?

Interviewers might ask any question that requires you to think on the spot and just speak fluently. It’s not about what you actually  had at lunch or what are you planning on weekend. It’s only about your fluency and the flow in which you can talk, and the way in which you can put your thoughts clearly. So you see it might be okay to lie about what you ate or drank, for example, because that’s not the important thing.

Rounds of Selection to crack an interview for Call center job

The company in which you are applying can have different rounds of interviews. This may range from a phone interview, timed aptitude test, group discussion or an extempore (though rarely), computer proficiency test, and finally a personal interview.

There are companies in which you’ll have to appear for all the above rounds and then there are companies that have only one selection round known as personal interview. For example, one may have PI and aptitude test and the other one may have telephonic interview, aptitude test with a PI, and another one may have an only personal interview. It depends and varies from company to company.

1. Telephonic Interview during an interview for Call Centre Job

After you apply for jobs via a job portal or by sending emails to recruiters, there would be a phone interview that you may have to clear. Somebody from the  HR Department will probably call you and ask for your permission for a telephone interview. After that, your call will be transferred to the hiring manager who might ask you basic questions such as “Tell me something about yourself”, or “What are your career plans?In the BPO/ KPOindustry, they specifically do this to check your accent on the phone.So be prepared with all the basic questions in order to crack an interview for Call Centre Job

If you are not in a position to attend the interview at that moment, then ask them to schedule according to your convenience. It’s totally all right if you say this. Don’t ever do the mistake of taking an interview on a busy road or in a restaurant while munching something.

Phone Interview Tips

  1.  Greet with a confident voice to the person on another side of the phone. 
  2. Listen carefully and then only reply. 
  3. Focus on your rate of speech and make sure that it is not too FAST.  
  4. Do proper intonations while speaking/answering questions on the phone. 
  5. Keep your answers short and crisp. 
How to crack an interview for Call Centre Job

  2. Aptitude Test

An aptitude test is where you would be given multiple-choice questions to test your language, thinking, and the ability to solve questions quickly. This is a timed test wherein you will be given a time limit to complete your test. This is generally a 30-minute test.

An aptitude test requires speed and accuracy, there may be questions of mathematics, English vocabulary, and logical reasoning type questions. Some questions are really very easy and some very tough. You are not required to score out of marks but more than 60% will be enough for you to proceed to the next level crack an interview for Call Centre Job

The best possible way to crack this one is practice sample aptitude test so that you get the feel of it and are confident when you actually appear for one. Search the web for some sample tests. Practice it and mind you it will do wonders and is fun at the same time.

3. Computer Proficiency Test

This will be a simple computer test wherein you’ll be tested for your typing speed and basic office application skills. Most organizations take this test to check if a candidate is capable of basic  MS Office suite applications. 

If you are applying for a technical support process then you’ll definitely be tested for your computer hardware and networking skills. For technical processes having basic computer, hardware knowledge is necessary. An added certification like CCNA etc is a great plus. 


4. Group Discussion 

Group discussion is rare in BPO interviews but still, some take it. Here your knowledge about current affairs and knowledge about the various happenings around you come into play. Normally topics for GD’s are sourced from current affairs or any challenging environment problem.Current affairs topics can be such as ” CAA and NRC are Good or Bad”. You have to take either the side that is for or against the argument. Whatever your decision is “for” or “against” one must justify with adequate facts and personal insights.

5. Personal Interview – 

The below list of questions is only an indicative list and not a comprehensive list. The interviewer can ask you any type of question to check or cross-check you.

1. Tell me something about yourself.

This generally is the first question that you will encounter typically in any interview. This to the interviewer is sort of a kick- start question which allows him/her to start the interview.

To answer this question just say something about yourself. First introduce yourself by saying your name and where you reside. Then tell why you should be hired for this post and what qualities do you have that should be good for this job. From your past experiences what qualities you bring.

Don’t say anything about your family as this question is to tell something about yourself. A 1-minute introduction of yours will do the job.

2. Tell me something about your family background.

Explain about your family and what they do in life.

3. What is BPO/ KPO? What is your understanding of a BPO and KPO?

BPO means Business Process Outsourcing. It means that a business is outsourcing some of its processes to other companies/ or a company in a different country so as to save costs.

Businesses do this to save costs. Cost is saved in labour and a company can concentrate on its core job which may be to generate new business. Other operations such as after-sales support or customer care are normally outsourced.

4. What is a Call Center?

A call center is a place where large number of calls are handled. Broadly speaking there are inbound call centers and outbound call centers. An inbound call center is where a client or prospect calls, basically where incoming calls are handled. Whereas outbound call centers is a place where agents/associates call, basically where outgoing calls are done. These calls can be of product inquiries, customer care (via web, email, fax), or it can for telemarketing or business promotion.

5. What are your strengths and weaknesses?

Tell them your strengths and weaknesses. There may be follow-up questions to this question so answer carefully.

For example, if you say hardworking and honesty are your strengths then they may say that “It means you are not a smart worker” and for honesty, they might provide you with a situation such as this “Suppose your best friend has met with an accident and has called you to take him to the nearby hospital. You were in a hurry, you forget your license for your two-wheeler and a traffic constable has caught you. Then what will you do: bribe the constable or pay your fine? And paying the fine would take too much time. Your friend needs to see you urgently.” In this situation, you can either be honest or save your friend.

Prepare for follow-up questions to avoid embarrassment.

6. Why should I hire you?

Justify why should they hire you. Tell the qualities that make you the best suited for the job. Explain to them how you can be asset to their company and bring revenue on the platter.  

7. Why have you chosen BPO as a career option?

Your future career goals and how this job will help you get there.

9. What is your salary expectations?

If you are a fresher then it’s best to say that you are looking for a salary as per company norms or as per industry standards. Still, if you are required to quote a number, then tell them your expectations. Make sure it is the realistic one depending on your qualifications and experience. You might be talented, however, the company will only pay you if you are getting them good revenue. 

If you have experience then a 20-30% raise from your previous salary will be good, in my opinion.

10. Are you comfortable working night shifts?

Be true with this answer. If it is an international process like US/Canada, then you are required to come in the night. There might be graveyard shifts as well. So be prepared for the shifts and tell the interviewer clearly. 

These are just a few suggestions.  I will recommend you to prepare well and get your dream job. 



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